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Intelligent Platform For Any Sized Team


When you don’t have a trusted view of your data, you’re not using accurate data to make critical business decisions.   Relying data from separate data sources requires manual consolidation and a lot of valuable time and energy to manage and maintain.

  • With KYDAFLOW, all data is connected and integrated
  • Team members can locate relevant information (historical as well as current) in seconds/minutes (not hours, days or weeks)
  • Data focused platform that captures all relevant events to get the visibility needed
  • Reduce risk and help with compliance in regulated industries or where required by auditors
  • Take charge of all your content, no matter how it is generated

KYDAFLOW is an intelligent platform that provides seamless content integration, real-time data exchange, and dashboard access to critical information.

  • Eliminate data silos — Easily configure a central repository that connects all data touch points.
  • Minimize productivity loss — Bundles data from various team productivity tools and also integrate with many other tools.
  • Reduce the knowledge gap — Deliver extraordinary entity and data visualization features.

Contribute Content

Contribute content by entering through UI screens or importing from other data sources or connecting directly with third party products.

Understand Data Landscape

Understand the data landscape by analyzing metadata, artifacts and search functionality.

Consume Data

Translate collected data into meaningful, and useful information.

Improve Productivity

By joining teams together with data, stay aligned and collaborate on all relevant knowledge.

Get Started

Create your content in minutes, not hours or days using pre-built connectors to add data instantly

Prioritize Your Initiatives

Focus on getting the knowledge to the team than spending time on meetings

Visualize Data Relationships

Create and identify relationships between data touch points o view the big picture.

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