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Every company faces issues such as having “too much data,” “data being everywhere,” and “data that is not integrated.” IT teams often rely upon a patchwork of software tools to deliver data essential for running and organizing your business.

KYDAFLOW solves these issues by combining the functionality of several tools while delivering extraordinary data visualization capabilities.


KYDAFLOW provides three core products to help you improve team productivity, understand your data landscape and manage your Policy & Compliance processes.

Team Management helps to organize your teams and efficiently manage project-related activities.   Org charts, team calendars, collaboration features, vacation tracking, time & expenses, and project documentation are all maintained in a centralized repository.

Data Management helps data teams to get closer to their data. It provides productivity tools such as Cross DB browser, data profiling, SQL Lineage and Entity Relationship diagram generation while integrating business objects, data extracts and data mappings to produce lineage and visualization charts.

Compliance Management helps to administer company policies, compliance requirements, and analytical models.  All models are stored centrally for tracking and reporting.  The product provides integration with big data for evaluating analytical models.


KYDAFLOW accelerates & automates the data discovery process.

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